Monday, January 7, 2013

Thankful for Mom and Dad's Marriage

Today I am thankful to have a dad who never left Mom's side during her 40+ years journey with HCM. Dad and Mom went through a lot together with her HCM. More trips to Mayo than I can count, Mom's open heart surgery over 30 years ago, a sudden cardiac arrest, so many hospitalizations, a heart transplant, biopsies and more. Dad has been a wonderful caregiver to Mom (well, as much as she would allow to be cared for :) Together Mom and Dad made this journey into something positive. Dad's been a great role model to Matt as we have embarked on my HCM journey, though with a much different path than Mom's took (so far. Thank goodness. And, Matt's and my trips to Mayo are always fun getaways for us!). 

Now Mom is becoming the caregiver to Dad as he battles pancreatic cancer and I know that all he's done for Mom in the last 40+ years will come back full-circle and for that, not only am I thankful, but I see just how blessed my parents are to have the marriage that they have had.

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