Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Thanks to Dad for His Lap

Growing up I have vivid memories of a dad who's lap I could crawl onto and cuddle up in.  One such memory stands out in my mind, I couldn't have been more than five and I know this because we still lived in our home in Des Moines and had not moved to Johnston yet.  I remember bedtime and my dad allowing me to stay up late to watch Starsky and Hutch with him, all snuggled in his lap.

I can't say why this memory stands out in my mind (except I was five and watching Starsky and Hutch.  Umm, really?) but I do remember just feeling completely happy to be on Dad's lap, just hanging out the two of us and staying up later than I was supposed to.  Sitting on Dad's lap made me feel safe and loved and today I am so grateful to have had that lap to snuggle up on when I needed it.

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