Monday, November 7, 2011


I don't really have a story for this picture or a memory, but I'm thinking you do.  Why were you standing on the boat and why are you wearing a bathrobe? So many questions.....

Please don't get me started on your sweet-ass hat. 

Love you, Dad.

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  1. Kaye,

    Been reading your blog, it's so sad.

    I'm 25, and my mother also is battling pancreatic cancer and in her last stages now. She seems pretty healthy, and she still goes out for a walk everyday, but she's lost a boatload of weight, seems frail and has to have a nap every afternoon.

    Her stomach is bloating now also - I'm glad you made this blog. I know it seems weird but feel's like I have support from someone that lives on the other end of the world (I'm in Aus).

    Fight strong and I'll be keeping in touch by visiting this blog - I found it from the cancer forums!