Friday, November 4, 2011

The Lake

Some of my best memories of growing up are right here in this picture.  Going to the lake with Creeches.  I loved going out on Ken's boat, swimming in the lake water, having picnics on the beach and just watching you and Ken interact.  The two of you together were quite the pair. 

Ken and I spent some time together a few years before he died and it was interesting for me to hear stories as an adult from him about these boating trips.  Interesting to know you guys had a red blanket you passed back and forth between the two couples to use for things I didn't even want to hear about as an adult.  Eww....

It was interesting listening to his stories, his memories of those trips and realizing that your memories were probably very similar to his and how different mine are (thank goodness!). 

It's interesting to me as I look at this picture and realize that Ken is no longer with us, and I think something is not right with the world when Ken Creech is not in it.  This is why Dad, you need to keep fighting.  Something would be very, very wrong in the world if you weren't in it and I don't intend on finding out how that would feel. 

Love you, even though I know about that red blanket thing. 

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