Sunday, October 30, 2011

This Picture???

This picture makes me think of the following things:

1.  I believe it was your 40th birthday.  I remember when you turned 40, I thought it seemed so old back then.  Now it seems pretty damn young.

2.  Please don't ever grow a mustache again.  Thank you.

3.  I thought this picture was so naughty when I saw it as a little girl, because it was a boob cake.

4.  I couldn't understand why you had any interest in boobs, being my dad and all.

5.  For the 80's, your outfit isn't so bad.  Way to show 80's fashion who's boss...

6.  These pictures were in a photo album in our house on Eastview, I remember showing them to my friends so they could see this boob cake.  Then we'd all laugh because again, my dad had a boob cake.

7.  I'm wondering who made this cake? 

8.  This was you before you went bald.  I love you with or without hair, but I think I like bald Dad best.

9.  Why a boob cake?

10.  I recall I thought you must have had a dirty mind to have this cake.  I also thought Mom must have had a dirty mind if she ordered it. 

Love you, Dad.

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