Thursday, October 20, 2011

When We Became A Family

Do you remember this picture?

I like to think that it's the first one that was taken after our family became complete.  You know, when you added me to it and finally realized what your life had been missing all along; a daughter! (and I'm not going to brag or anything, but man was I a cute baby or what?) 

What I love so much about this picture is your great big smile.  I kid, I kid.  Seriously, what I love about this picture is it documents the start of my life, my life with an older brother who would one day end up being one of my best friends.  My life with a mom who showed me through her strength, that living with a chronic illness doesn't mean your life has to be boring.  My life with you as my dad, the no nonsense man who would never mince words and who I adored as I grew older. 

This picture?  Means the world to me because from this picture on, we built wonderful memories as a family.  Pancreatic cancer will never take those away. 
Love you, Dad.

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