Friday, December 21, 2012

Thanks to Dad- Always Being There

Today I am thankful to my dad for always being there for me, I know he's always a phone call away to calm me or help me through something, plus he does it in a way that always makes me laugh because of his responses to my panic.  For example, years ago when I was still teaching and living in Waterloo, my car was broken into by having the window bashed in, and my bag phone for the car was stolen (yes, I said "bag phone", those things were super cool), I called my dad crying trying to tell him what had happened.
His response?  "Kaye, were you actually in the car at the time someone bashed in your window and took the phone?"
 Me, "Umm, no."
 Dad, "Then why are you crying?"  He then proceeded to walk me through what to do next.

Or the time I was flying back from the Detroit area after visiting an old friend years ago, and I stepped off the plane at O'hare only to discover all of the flights back into Cedar Rapids were cancelled due to a March snow storm.  I was panicked and on the verge of tears, all alone in this huge airport.  So, I called my dad (of course), but not with the bag phone- that was stolen, see above, and Dad walked me through exactly what to do, erasing the panic I had at being alone in an airport in a huge city where I knew no one.

I am thankful to have a dad who calms me with the right things to say, and always knows what to do to help his daughter.

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